Dr. Yatendra Kumar Sikarwar

The Desk of  Vice Chairman
Ex-Block Pramukh

Being the  Vice-Chairman of one of the Leading group of institutions of the holy land of lord Shri Krishna, states that many  people think that they are not smart enough, or talented enough to get  the things, they want. But the fact is that these belief’s have no basis in reality. “If You  can believe. You can do things.” Mind is the most powerful force in universe and we provide the best circumstances to develop the potentialities of mind. If a student, tom e opportunities, of tomorrow get proper guidance by the direction of our leaned faculty and guest lectures.

Being a representative of approx 2,00,000 population of Baldeo. as PRAMUKH, Baldeo block, I am very pleased to state that our group in running the institutions in semi rural are  for the welfare of all the classes of society. Without prejudices regarding the narrow walls of communalism, castism, rich and poor. 

Sikarwar group of institutions is running various courses in its institutions various proposed courses to start soon to full fill the coming needs of intellectuals in the nation as well as to play our powerful role in developing and correcting our society and nation.

Our main motto is to develop the potentialities of the students, upto making them genius. In our institution we provide goal oriented motivation solution to every problem, the exact answer of need, conditions of maximum functioning & programming of mind, and the right use of time, with the massage “Success just evolved from working hard, at the work, at the hand each day….” 

If you really desire to do the best, there is no need to wait for time, you can do it now, at this very moment, by joining Sikarwar Group of Institutions.

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